Dear future healthcare professionals,

Hey, we've been there. The transition from education to working life; and we get it. It's not easy. 


We are a team of failure-driven individuals who have tried ways to tackle 'real life', failed and learnt from our mistakes.

We are here to guide your face-to-face communication experience so you can be a better employee, more importantly, an individual.


The Communication Experience Team

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healthcare 101

We have created something that changes how you learn. 

Are you an undergraduate healthcare student that:

  • Want the best out of your career?

  • Is motivated and want to get ahead?

  • Want to improve your communication experience?

We know university doesn't prepare you fully we've been there. That's why we've created this to help you.

  • Clinical Knowledge & Expertise

  • Interviewing

  • Business Development

  • Mindset & The Communication Experience


'You will learn things that university won't teach you, guaranteed'.

Kennedy Lay | Director & Founder of

The Communication Experience


Let's Talk.

Are you interested in talking to us? 


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