Dear future medical students,

As you all begin to near the end of your undergraduate journey, it's time to start thinking about the next step.


For many, you already know what you want this to be - Monash Postgraduate Medicine, or rather, any postgraduate medical course in Australia.


Medicine is not only the next step, it is a passion, a dream. For many, there is probably nothing that you could want more right now.


We know exactly what that feels like. We also know what it feels like to not quite reach that dream, so we want to help you to make sure you never have to feel this way.

 Welcome, to our brand new medical interview training course, designed specifically for the Monash MMI by Monash Postgraduate medical students.

Our medical director, Erin Jones shares a little bit about her experience throughout her medical training journey.

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'When I went through biomed, they still used the second year interview process, so at the end of 2017 I went down to Churchill for a postgraduate medicine interview. Monash runs what they call a multiple-mini interview, or MMI, which is an 8 station interview process that you sequentially move through for 80 minutes. Prior to my interview, I had a tutoring session with a current Monash med student which I found invaluable. I also did a lot of practice with my mum and friends. 


Now 2 years into my degree, I have had many biomed students approach me and request help and guidance through the interview process as there is little information about Monash MMIs. I am always really happy to help, but wondered if I could assist more students on a larger scale. This is when I got connected to The Communication Experience and developed the mock interview course.'

FREE practice


We will provide sample questions for you to practice at home, before and after the course.

2 hour course

8 stations, each with a trained interviewer & medical student.

Station last for 10minutes each.


You will receive post interview feedback and advice on how to approach the day.

1:1 Coaching

We conduct Zoom

 training too!

For those who really wants to ace the interview.