Going online with your physio - Would you do it?

'Can you just lie on your back so I can have a feel through your ankle for any tenderness?'

Can't exactly do that if we're all self-quarantined, isolated or worst case, in a country lockdown during our Covid-19 coronavirus crisis our world is battling.

During this unprecedented time businesses are forming contingency plans, employees are working from work (#WFH), and social events & birthday parties are being cancelled.

In our allied healthcare world, unlike nurses & doctors in the frontline. Physiotherapy services are way down compared to normal, as to be expected.

For those who are physiotherapists, we pride ourselves on our manual therapy treatment skills, but do we under-value our rehab exercise prescription skillset?

For those who visit us physiotherapists, I'm sure you realise how crucial face to face interaction is, and how important & effective the 'hands-on' treatment can be; but do you do your exercises we give you?


A new time requires new measures. It's time to be proactive with your own health.


Maybe we have been reliant on treatment, maybe we have been lazy and not do the suggested rehab exercises given by our physios.

I believe during this Covid-19 crisis we can start being a little bit more proactive with our own health.

#WFH has become a trend that many of us will have to adapt to. WFH saves the average Australian between 60-120minutes of commute time.


Why don't we spend more time exercising from home?


Tele-health in physiotherapy is not emerging, it's already here. For those who have been skeptical about seeing your physio online, I can assure you that it can be the same, if not a better service for you.

From getting an exercise program with video instructions, to how to set up your work desk ergonomically at home, to getting advice of whether to put heat or ice pack on your sore neck; all from the comfort of your own home.

This is a changing time, and like we've done so well so many times in our history, we have to change and adapt to it.

This is how we're doing it in our profession, what are you going to change about your health in 2020?

Written by Kennedy Lay - Physiotherapist, founder @The Communication Experience.