The 5 pillars to your first full time job

Dear final year university students, 

It’s that time of the year, 5 months till graduation, you’re in an internship or placement, and you’re looking for the ‘perfect’ first job out of university. 

Whether you’re looking for your first ever physio job, or any job straight out of university, I want to share the 5 key pillars you should look for in your #employer to ensure a smooth transition from university to working life! (And make sure you don’t burn out).

1. Autonomy

Micromanagement is dead, from a millennial’s mind the last thing we want is being micromanaged and hawking over every move; not only does it create restrictions on our work, but also imposes a level of distrust.

You need #creativity 

In a healthcare setting that might involve being able to dictate the treatment plan for your patient, or finding new ways to do things within the company. This is one of the key pillars in keeping motivated & interested at your job.

2. Challenge

Your first ever job will be challenging in nature, just because you’ve never been exposed to it before. At the same time, however, your manager and you need to sit down and develop SMART goals, set realistic expectations and time frames for you to hit your ‘targets’, whatever they might be. 

3. Flexibility 

Having some level of control over your working hours is crucial, working from home arrangements, 1-day-per-week sleep ins or finish early on Friday’s are great perks of a #flexible job.

4. Recognition 

Are the employees in the company being internally & externally recognised? 

Professional & personal wins and milestones should be recognised and rewarded accordingly! 

5. Culture

If the company you want to work for has the pillars 1-4 already, it’s probably already got a pretty good culture.

You want a FUN, energetic, open communication workplace where new ideas are embraced and fostering an okay-to-fail environment. 

I challenge you to look for these 5 qualities in a company the next time you go to an interview, best of luck with your first job!

Written by Kennedy Lay - Founder & Director @The Communication Experience, physiotherapist & mentor.