#WFH, how about #EFH? (exercising from home)

About 9 million Australians commute to and from work everyday. The average Australia city working commute time (on average) is 66minutes.

66-minutes... That's an hour long yoga class plus 6mins of meditation, that's a full body gym workout with stretching time, that's 2 reformer pilates classes, you can walk 5.2km...

There's always a silver lining with every circumstance we find ourselves in, unfortunately and fortunately; most of us find ourselves #WFH (working from home) amid this Covid-19 world crisis.

Gyms, local pools, pilates & yoga studios, exercise classes are mostly operating at a reduced capacity currently in Australia; there's not a whole lot of options for exercising, are there?


Before you go and impulse purchase a 2.5k home gym set up or buy a pilates reformer bed, keep reading.


Depending on your level of previous exercise levels & activity, there's a heap of exercise options available during your #WFH stint. Focus on 3 areas of exercises.

Cardiovascular exercises: Spend some time outdoors, go for a cycle, walk or a run. Spending time in nature helps focus, ground & you can put a favourite podcast on. And it's free!

Strength based mat exercises: Buy a yoga mat online; push ups, sit ups, crunches, planks and especially hip opening stretches are crucial to those of us who are sitting most of the day.

Higher intensity exercises: Body weight exercises; squats, deadlifts, burpees and jumping jacks are some of the great ways you can put a quick circuit together and get the heart rate up!

For those who might have a pre-existing injury or condition, speak to your physiotherapist first, a range of tele-health consults options are available now!


You can speak to me for free here.

The Health Experience is an online home exercise program platform that is designed for you to speak with a physiotherapist via tele-catch up (phone or video), and an exercise program is given to you based on your goals & needs.

We are pledging to donate 10% of all revenue to Foodbank.org to help those who need access to food & essentials during this time.

Stay healthy, fit & active, even at home!

Written by Kennedy Lay, Physiotherapist, Founder @The Health Experience - an online home exercise prescription platform.